Ian Miller wrote his first Songs in 1986 and his first Release was with Achim Krich in Cologne/Germany.

They made a Demo Album in 1988 and split.

In 1989 Ian meets his Friend Marty Haug and they created the Band: The Prayer, Tony Grund & Sascha Köhn &

M.G. Kramer joined the Band too.


1989 - 2000


They recorded a Cellar Demo Tape Live Recorded and never released until this Year called: Made in Heaven.

After Sascha's Suicide 1995 the Band splits.

Ian decided to make Music further with Wolfgang Monheimius, a Genius, who can rarely play every Instrument just like "Mike Oldfield", they recorded 10 Albums and with Wolly's Job Situation, they had no more Time to make Music anymore.

So Ian joined a Hard Rock Band: Cold Streams

with Manny Struben & Rainer Munich & Michael Marx and Dirk Wichterich, their Music was influenced by AC/CD & Paradise Lost or The Nefilim.

They recorded also a Cellar Demo Tape in Cologne.

Ian will release all the Demo Albums very soon here,

for Downloads.

From 2000 till 2004 Ian made a Break until he met

Adrian Walker to recreate the Band: "The Prayer"


The Prayer [UK]

Dark Electro Act 



Ian recreated "The Prayer" with his Friend Adrian Walker in Cologne/Germany 2004, They released their first Album: Scars in 2008. In 2011 Marix Vycos join the Band with his Influences and Music, Until now they released 6 Fulltime Albums. Some Songs were released by Zines like Zillo,

Sonic Seducer or Orkus. Adrian joins the Band only as Collaborator, because of his new Job Situation.  Until now...

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